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Swim with dolphins at your own risk

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      Prayer request for my girlfriend who was in our wedding. She went to Punta Canta for a destination wedding and her long awaited honeymoon. Her name is Liz.
      She went swimming with her husband and the dolphins. They ingested some water. There are photos and you can see in the ocean worms. You couldn’t see them in the water. They were both hospitalized but they wanted $6,000 before they would treat them but she told them she didn’t have that kind of money. They put $3,000 on their Visa. They were both very sick. Her husband is doing ok.
      She still isn’t well.

      She has asthma and had hiatle hernia surgery years ago. Still having breathing problems. Just not right. She went to hospital im NC where they live. They did chest xray and bloodwork. Nothing showed up. With parisites the eggs don’t hatch until 40 days.
      She said doctors in NC and SC are not as good as Pittsburgh. She came to the Burg for surgeries.
      This has been reported to authorities. No response. She has pictures.
      It’s not the alcohol these people are dying from. It’s the water, ice cubes,pools,ocean, bath, whatever.
      I pray she gets healing and answers. Please pray for Liz. Thank you.

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