by Cassie Mader

The staff hopes that all the students in Swim & Water Polo are as pumped as we are for another exciting summer of water and dry-land activities. As fun as it is to swim with friends, it is important to always stay safe and focused when in and around the pool. We expect plenty in terms of performance and for following rules and guidelines. Every person is expected to follow every rule at all times during camp. After a verbal warning, second and third infractions will result in a call home and potential removal from the program. These guidelines are in place to make this summer great for everyone!

Close your lips. In the water, you lips need to be closed so water doesn’t rush in.

In plenty of other times, coaches need to communicate to quiet, non-talking, swimmers with their lips closed. When an adult is talking, students are listening.


No running on the pool deck. The water and wet skin are slippery. In places, walking is difficult. Cement burns hurt! We want swimmers in the pool. “Stay in the pool.”

Keep valuables at home. If you need to bring a phone or other items, you need to provide a lock and keep items in a locker for the day.Phones and other electronic devices are not to be seen and they can’t go into the pool.

Wait for directions from your coach before entering the pool. Lifeguards must be in position when you are in the water. They are the boss.

No gum. Don’t want to choke on gum.

Respect the pool equipment. Treat goggles, balls, clothing water bottles and everything else, even the property of others, the school and the parks with respect..

Respect one another. We are all in this to have a good time. Please treat others as you would like to be treated. Keep your hands to yourself. We won’t wrestle. We’ll work together and battle against the water and get set for big time competitions to come.

The success of our program depends on you! Let’s swim! Let’s run. Let’s form fun, tight, team experiences.