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      Mark Rauterkus

      I just watched a guy die.
      I was in the managers office when it happened.
      He was swimming, said hello to the coach that was there, then swam down the pool then went unconscious. The other coach noticed, thought he was just holding his breath and waited for about 30 sec before realizing he was not ok. He pulled him out of the water, yelled for someone to call 9-1-1 and started compressions.
      Another person ran upstairs to let us know. The manager called 9-1-1, another worker took the defibrillator down and the other coach and I ran down to help out however I could.
      As soon as I saw the scene, I got freaked out. The guy had lifeless eyes, tongue hanging out with foam on his mouth and completely lifeless. I would like to think I would step up if they needed me to rotate in, but I honestly don’t know, and it bothers me.
      I decided to monitor the hallway to keep the children coming in for lessons out, then waited outside for the ambulance and opened the doors for them.
      I had to look away when they rolled him out.
      I am in shock and just nauseous.
      I don’t know how rescue personnel, and first responders do it.
      They are absolute heroes and so are the two guys and girl I work with that just got in there and did all they could to try and save his life.

      This just gave me more resolve to start ramping up doing the things I want to do. Get out of the grind and live life. You never know….

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