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Course in the East End in June

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      Mark Rauterkus

      Class Notes
      Tuesday June 14th: from 9am-9pm

      Wednesday June 15th: from 9am-9pm


      Adrianne Newman
      (608) 393-2558

      Course Description
      A program designed for individuals currently licensed in the ILTP™ Course Lifeguard Program that is extremely hands-on, highly interactive and physically enduring. The course is a comprehensive training program that promotes objective driven, performance based training and is synopsis for individuals wanting to instruct the ILTP™ lifeguard curricula.

      The ILTP™ Instructor program is a single, integrated curriculum that includes instructor training in ILTP™ aquatic rescue techniques, First Aid, Health Care Provider CPR, Emergency Oxygen Support, and Automated External Defibrillation as a first responder. This hands-on course teaches how to instruct and assess each concept taught in the lifeguarding course and requires at least two teaching demonstrations of concepts and/or skills in the ILTP™ lifeguard course curriculum and how to instruct vanGUARD 1.0, an Aquatics Leadership Course. Students will perform on deck and in water simulations, drills and exercises. Students will perform rescue techniques as an individual and multiple rescuers. A New ILTP™ Lifeguard Instructor certificate is issued immediately following successful completion of course and is valid for 2 years.

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