Attending the virtual version of the 2020 National Water Safety Conference



I hope to HELP with the conference on the tech side of things by adding value in two ways.

I hope to create QUIZZES, perhaps 3 to 10 questions, for as many sessions as possible. A quiz presents different and fun ways to engage with content from a presentation. Example:

Furthermore, I expect to create CONCEPT MAPS for sessions. Then the concept maps can be tied together among the whole water safety landscape. Example:

Watch for created content at this web sites,, with links back to the NDPA.

The quiz and concept map info should not infringe upon copyright, but just offer extra layers of interactions.

Presenters, if you have your own questions or full blown tests and quizzes -- let me know and I'll publish them with you assistance and approval.


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Brick test for the lifeguard course
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