Grant from 2016 for CDC



My attempt to do a CDC Grant in 2016

The grant amount was for between $300,000 and $600,000 over five years.

See the document for the 27 pages.

CDC Grant 2016

The National Collaboration to Promote Health, Wellness, and Academic Success of School-Age Children

Description: CDC-RFA-DP16-1601

Preface: A Federal CDC grant called for applications for five-years of funding for $300,000 to $600,000 of total funding. Its deadline was January 18, 2016.

The following by, 412-298-3432, did not get submitted. Sadly, in the final days of preparation, we came to discover that the intended submitting agency,, was not with a current listing within the database at Last minute calls to others, including, met with the same results. Foiled by red tape. Landing such a highly competitive grant was long-shot in rookie hands. Others have helped and expressed an interest, so in a collaborative spirit and with the hope of future endeavors, the ideas are published here as a proof of concept. Furthermore, other sources of funding are possibilities.

The CDC's grant called for national non-government organizations (NGOs) to promote and implement evidence-based policies, practices, and programs to support states, school districts, and/or schools to achieve the short, intermediate-, and long-term outcomes that have a broad reach, sustained health impact, and are a good investment for public health.

Two of the five priority areas were:

#1) Physical Education and Physical Activity and,

#3) Out of School Time Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.

The CDC desired strategies and associated activities that provided school health and education leaders in states, districts, and/or schools with greater knowledge, skills, and abilities to develop and implement evidence-based policies, practices, and programs through:

1) professional development and technical assistance;

2) education and dissemination; and

3) partnership and coordination activities.

This draft #1 is a PDF file and is incomplete. Use this version to check for accuracy and fill in missing information. The final version should be posted to in the days to come. This work is to be shared in internally and externally. Thanks for your interest and input. Mark Rauterkus, = 412-298-3432 (cell) Executive Head Coach of Swim & Water Polo Coach, Head Boys Varsity Swim Coach at Pittsburgh Obama Academy,



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