Get some coaching in advance of your quest to become a certified lifeguard on Saturdays



All are welcome to drop-in at the Saturday Swim School and visit with Coach Mark to gain confidence in the water in advance of the lifeguard course

The Northside pool in PPS Allegheny is across the street from the Aviary. Come on down to take a swim and get some stroke coaching so you're ready for the swim test.

Getting across the pool, going 300 yards without stopping, treading water, and other swim skills need to be practiced now and then. 

Saturday Swim School activities do not look like that in the photo below. But, you can bet those lifeguards in the boat know how to swim well. 

Two in a surf row boat

If Paddleboard is too much like swimming, then get in a boat and row!


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Brick test for the lifeguard course

Brick test for the lifeguard course
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