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Calendar of events for USLA in 2020

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The paddleboard series has 12 races and 16 divisions for 2020.

18th Annual Gene Bergman 10-Mile Row, Paddle & Surfski!

Fort Lauderdale's South Beach Launching Area (600 Northbound Seabreeze Boulevard)

The date for the 18th Annual Gene Bergman 10-Mile Row, Paddle & Surfski, here in Fort Lauderdale, will be Monday, January 6th, with a 10:00 AM start time.

This race, initiated in 1981 by Erik Jersted & Gene Bergman (originally called the FLBP 10-Mile Row), has been held consistently since then, and typically fields 10-15 surfboats. In recent years, we have opened it up to paddlers and surf skis.

We want to try to get as many New Jersey boat crews as possible for this year's event. We will do our best to provide boats and accommodations. Please let me know if you are interested in being in attendance:

The competition will begin at 10:00 AM on the beach in the South Beach Launching Area at 601 Seabreeze Boulevard (Northbound S.R. A1A).

This watercraft competition will require rowers and paddlers travel approximately 1.5 miles south to the north jetty at Port Everglades. After turning at the jetty, rowers/paddlers will continue straight out two miles to the whistle/bell buoy then diagonally back to the South Beach Launching Area. They will then row north 5 miles to Lifeguard Tower #20 at N.E. 18th Street, and then back to a finish at the South Beach Launching Area.

More than 40 men and women from across the state are expected to compete in the competition, which is named in honor of former Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue Captain and Aquatics Chief, Gene Bergman.

The fee for the competition is $20 and entry forms are required.

For more information regarding the competition or to receive an entry form, please contact Lieutenant Jim McCrady - Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue:

Contact: JMcCrady -at- fortlauderdale -dot- gov

Two in a surf row boat

If Paddleboard is too much like swimming, then get in a boat and row! Click image to get to the Feb 2020 10-mile row race in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It is another event hosted by the USLA. Link


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