Agenda for the first meeting of the Lifeguard Recruitment Initiative, November 13, 2019



Time: 9 AM

Location: Jeron X. Grayson Community Center

1852 Enoch Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219


  • Rick Flanagan, Project Coordinator
  • Cell 412-913-4360
  • Mark Rauterkus, Project Coordinator
  • Cell 412-298-3432

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Introduction of organizations that can hire lifeguards, train and certify new lifeguards, and help identify lifeguard candidates
  2. Brief overview of the Lifeguard Initiative goals and action items
    1. Defining the need for lifeguards and timing issues related to acquiring staff
    2. Move into action as it relates to recruiting existing lifeguards and recruiting those that would be interested in becoming lifeguards
    3. Training a large numbers of individuals that want to be lifeguards
    4. Linking individuals that are lifeguard certified to organizations that need lifeguards
    5. Determine the role that each organization wants to play
  3. Defining the need for lifeguards
  4. What would a recruit campaign look like in order to recruit high school and college age youth along with older adults? What resources are needed?
  5. Assuming we get a large number of people who would like to be lifeguards, how do they get trained and certified?
  6. What system could be put in place that those individuals that acquire a lifeguard certificate understand their hiring options? How do the organizations that need lifeguards promote their lifeguarding opportunities?
  7. Clearly defined next steps


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