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Effuent Pond


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      Death spot for 4-year-old boy.

      Wastewater or “influent” enters on one side of the waste stabilization pond and exits on the other side as “effluent”, after spending several days in the pond, during which treatment processes take place.

      but may also be used for treatment of municipal run-off or stormwater. The system may consist of a single pond or several ponds in a series, each pond playing a different role in the removal of pollutants. After treatment, the effluent may be returned to surface water or reused as irrigation water (or reclaimed water) if the effluent meets the required effluent standards (e.g. sufficiently low levels of pathogens).

      “Every preventable drowning fatality leaves a family and a community devastated.”

      WSNZ is running a national campaign to remind people of the importance of supervising little ones around water.

      “Constant active adult supervision is the only way to keep babies and toddlers safe around water.”

      Mills said all ponds should be fenced off with a netting fence to prevent stock and children from accidentally falling in. Locked gates are essential and electric fences can also be used.

      All ponds should also have at least one permanent ladder or alternative escape means in case someone falls in.


      In January 2009, Aaron Frank’s 3-year-old daughter, Summer, died in a cowshed effluent pond.

      In 2009, Frank, who was a sharemilker in Kapuni, told Stuff he was unhappy his farmer boss didn’t take steps to fence the pond where Summer died.

      Frank said a fence around the pond could have saved her life.

      “If we’d had a proper fence around the house it wouldn’t have happened. I’m pretty thick-skinned but it’s been a hard couple of days,” he said in 2009.

      “My advice to other farmers and sharemilkers is that if there’s a pond nearby put a seven-hot-wire fence around it. This one would have cost less than $1500.”

      In February 2016, a missing 1-year-old boy was found dead in a pond near the Kumeu family home.

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