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Register now to participate in the 1-day WATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN course (September 28) or the 2-day SWIFTWATER RESCUE TECHNICIAN course (September 28 – 29) in Kennebunkport, Maine. These courses meet/exceed NFPA 1670 & NFPA 1006 Standards for Technical Rescue and are being conducted in collaboration with the York County (Maine) Fire Chiefs’ Association. Certification, upon successful completion, is valid for 5 years from the course completion date. Day 1 consists of a 4.5-hour classroom session, followed by a 4.5-hour in-water practical session conducted in an indoor swimming pool at the University of New England. For those participating in the 2nd day, Day 2 consists of a 4-hour in-water ocean practical session, followed by a 4-hour in-water river practical session. The courses will be conducted by Gerry Dworkin and assisted by John Conway of the Billerica (Massachusetts) Fire Department, and Mark Taylor of the Franconia (New Hampshire) Emergency Services. For information/registration, please access the Lifesaving Resources’ website at, or call 207/967-8614.


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